Paid Ads

Why Choose Paid Advertising?

Cracking the Code for Successful Paid Ad Campaigns

In short – social media paid ads are the fastest way to generate the highest amount of revenue while spending as little money as possible. But, that’s not all…

It’s not as simple as ‘1-and-done,’ or, ‘turn it on and let it ride,’ no. There is a lot more to a successful paid ads campaign than meets the eye.

Nelly’s full-time, in-house, highly-skilled team will make sure you are getting the highest quantity & quality opportunities possible through our cutting-edge social media advertising methods.

Let’s dive in.

How It Works

Brand Awareness

One of the many ‘positive side effects’ of Paid Advertising is how much brand awareness is created with potential candidates – you will reap the benefits for years to come!

Generate Sales

Let’s be real: you need leads to stay in business! Our system generates product, project, or service consultations with prospects exclusively interested in working with your brand. After all, you’re the industry expert!

Generate Calls

It isn’t uncommon that a prospect will see your ads, go to your page, and pick up the phone themselves! We call these ‘extra leads’ as these are generated outside of our system: BONUS!

Generate Project Inquiries

Our system sends prospects through a rigorous process before becoming a lead, so you don’t have to worry about any ‘spam’ or ‘bots’ opting-in like we so commonly hear from companies who aren’t yet Nelly IS Marketing Family Members.

Booked Video Consultations

Our system churns out warm leads and HOT booked appointments on autopilot. We have the ability to schedule ideal candidates directly on your calendar, hands-free!

Best Cost, Best Quality

With our fully dialed-in system, we’re able to keep your ad spend low, and your opportunities high! We guarantee the best cost per lead with our aggressive online sales system.


Total Ad Spend








Are you a dynamic sales professional? Join our Sales team and be at the forefront of driving business growth. You’ll identify and engage potential clients, understand their needs, and present our digital marketing solutions. Your negotiation skills and ability to build strong relationships will contribute to our overall success.

SEO Specialist

Become an SEO Specialist at Nelly IS Marketing and drive organic search visibility for our clients. Conduct keyword research, optimize website content, and implement effective SEO strategies. Your goal will be to improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and enhance overall website performance.

Video Editor/Designer

Are you a creative professional with a passion for visual storytelling? Join our Video Editing/Design team and create captivating videos, animations, and graphics. Bring clients’ visions to life while aligning with their branding and marketing objectives. Your expertise in video editing and design tools will produce visually compelling content.

Web Developer

Join our Web Development team and bring websites to life. As a Web Developer, you’ll design and develop visually appealing, user-friendly, and functional websites. Utilize the latest technologies, programming languages, and best practices to create engaging online experiences. Your expertise in front-end and back-end development will ensure outstanding website performance.

Work, Grow, and Thrive

Join Nelly IS Marketing and Discover Limitless Possibilities in Digital Marketing!