Paid Ads

Why choose paid advertising?

Cracking the code for successful paid ad campaigns

Social media paid ads are the fastest way to generate the highest amount of revenue while spending as little money as possible. But, that’s not all.

It’s not as simple as ‘1-and-done,’ or, ‘turn it on and let it ride,’ no. There is a lot more to a successful paid ads campaign than meets the eye.

Nelly’s full-time, in-house, highly-skilled team will make sure you are getting the highest quantity & quality opportunities possible through our cutting-edge social media advertising methods.

Let’s dive in.

Nelson Perez, CEO

”We constantly hear people say “Oh yeah, I can run ads…” But can they really?

Are they split-testing images, copy, & audiences? Are they testing manual ad placements? Creating lookalike audiences? Carousels? Videos? This is where many people fall short… Not understanding what it truly takes.

Our In-house team takes a data-driven approach to every campaign optimization and we let the metrics guide our optimizations. This is how we constantly lower the cost per lead, week after week.

There’s just so much more to it than people realize…”

Brand Awareness

One of the many ‘positive side effects’ of Paid Advertising is how much brand awareness is created with potential candidates – you will reap the benefits for years to come!

Generate Sales

Let’s be real: you need leads to stay in business! Our system generates product, project, or service consultations with prospects exclusively interested in working with your brand. After all, you’re the industry expert!

Generate Calls

It isn’t uncommon that a prospect will see your ads, go to your page, and pick up the phone themselves! We call these ‘extra leads’ as these are generated outside of our system: BONUS!

Generate Project Inquiries

Our system sends prospects through a rigorous process before becoming a lead, so you don’t have to worry about any ‘spam’ or ‘bots’ opting-in like we so commonly hear from companies who aren’t yet Nelly IS Marketing Family Members.

Booked Video Consultations

Our system churns out warm leads and HOT booked appointments on autopilot. We have the ability to schedule ideal candidates directly on your calendar, hands-free!

Best Cost, Best Quality

With our fully dialed-in system, we’re able to keep your ad spend low, and your opportunities high! We guarantee the best cost per lead with our aggressive online sales system.

Why Choose Nelly IS Marketing

For Your Paid Ads Strategy

In-house experts

Data-Driven Approach to Excellence

At Nelly IS Marketing, we take pride in being comprised of a diverse, full-time, in-house team.

Our Media Team spends all day, every single day, working on social media platforms optimizing our accounts and launching new campaigns.

Each and every day, Nelly receives a report featuring several metrics that we use to track the performance of every account and guide our ongoing optimizations, which is what sets Nelly’s team aside from the rest of the pack.

This is what we call our DATA-DRIVEN APPROACH to excellence.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the highest quality, exclusive opportunities generated at the lowest possible cost, month after month.

And, we give you every tool you need to make it happen with Nelly IS Marketing.

Are you ready to take your company to the next level using social media?

Get in touch with our team today!

What Our Clients Say


willy d
willy d
Been using these guys for a few months now and are def seeing results. We are booked out for weeks even during these colder months when we would usually be slow. Their team is efficient, knowledgeable and polite - typically addressing any of our concerns within hours. Excited to see what warm weather will bring. Thanks guys ! ~ Billy 🤙🤙🤙
Been with these guys for a few months now, I am happy with my results so far and the quick action takers they are! They do what they say they are going to do!
Ben Asadi
Ben Asadi
Where can I begin? Nelly and his team are the best in the business. I decided to go with them after interviewing 8 other marketing companies and decided to go with them because they understand the concept of advanced and effective SEO/marketing/advertising. Good communication is something that most marketing companies slack on. Not Nelly is Marketing. Their whole team is extremely responsive. Anytime I have a question they will immediately answer the phone, text or even set up a zoom call on short notice. They really do a great job at explaining each service with you and keep you updated and informed during the whole process. They will also send emails with videos attached that screen share and voiceover changes they’ve made to your ads or website. This feature is great if you need a refresher on your latest updates. Besides their ability to create a great website with true SEO they also have a killer Facebook advertisement team. We tripled our monthly revenue the very first month we started Ads with them. They will also constantly optimize and update your adds to save you money and ultimate help you get more qualified leads. They also do a “Mastermind” zoom call every Monday where Nelly will pick a topic that will help us grow our companies. You also get the chance to discuss strategy with some of the best companies in the industry. THIS IS GOLD. Seriously look no further, scared money won’t make money. You have to pay to play and they are worth every single cent.
Andrew Casey
Andrew Casey
I wanted to give a big thank you for everything you and your team have helped build here. It's been a really great ride - not just in the success of getting us to a place where no other (5 others to be exact) agency was able to get us with FB Ads, but the true friendship we've built along the way. Your determination, 'failure is not an option' and 'no excuses' attitude is infectious and admirable. Your great leadership skills are on display throughout the organization I've been fortunate enough to witness you build. I've loved working with Cameron and Daniel personally as they share that winning attitude, not to mention are just good humans. Of course I must also recognize those in the background pulling the media triggers, designers, video editors and their great attention to detail. The clear and effective reporting I knew would always be there in the morning, impeccable communication and coming to our meetings overly prepared are standards that we've now come to expect out of all of our partners and you really set the bar high! Again - I think one of the greatest things, besides the growth of our business, is the friendship and respect we've built over the years! Couldn't recommend working with you and your team more.
Peter Kane
Peter Kane
Nelly IS marketing has really increased my business for Zone Garage Of Central Virginia. I’m getting more qualified leads with their Facebook/instagram marketing. Peter
Marvin Coffman (Big Marv)
Marvin Coffman (Big Marv)
I've been working with Nelly for years now. I've worked with a lot of marketing agencies and I can tell you that these guys are some of the best in the business! His team is directly responsible for keeping my calendar filled with hot leads that are excited to work with me! I can't recommend him enough. If you need new sales on autopilot, look no further than the Nelly IS Marketing team!
Justin Blankenship
Justin Blankenship
Highly recommend! Top notch service that generates my business $50,000 plus monthly.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams
I had real world, tangible results with Nelly and his team. Cameron is who I recommend reaching out to to get the ball rolling. After about a month, the program more than paid for itself. It does work!
Reese Magnant
Reese Magnant
I have been working with Nelly and his team and I am nothing but happy. I would give them an opportunity to change your business. Leads are the life:)